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Rajnikant Facts,mind it

1. Everytime you see Internal Server Errors on PP, it’s Rajnikant trying to join PP. PP shuts itself down in fear.

2. Everything Punjabiportal has been so far was actually done to publish this article in praises of Rajnikant.

Members can suggest more facts about Rajnikant and and submit it in comments. We will add them with your name in this article.

1. Rajnikant can make calls from his iPod to his iPad…!!!

2. Once Rajnikaant signed a cheque… and the Bank bounced!!!

3. Once Death had ‘near Rajnikant experience’ !!

4. When GOD is shocked he exclaims “Oh my Rajnikaant!”?

5. Great mystery solved : the missing piece of apple in Apple’s Logo was eaten by Rajnikant!!

6. The world is not ending in 2012…. Rajnikant just bought a laptop with 3 yrs warranty!!?

7. Rajnikant knows the exact value of Pi upto a Googol

8. Rajnikant knows what came first, chicken or egg!!

9. Rajnikant once won an argument with his wife.

10. There in nothing Rajini’Kant do.

11. Rajnikanths nxt project. Titanic in Tamil. Climax revised. Both survive. Rajnikant swims across the Atlantic Ocean with heroine in one hand and… Titanic in the other.

12. Neo was “the one” Rajinikant is “the only one” - by Pras

13. Superman once got into a fight with Rajnikanth. The loser had to wear his underwear over his pants.

14. Intel’s new caption – Rajnikant Inside.

15. Rajanikanth can do a wheelie on a unicycle.

16. Rajini doesn’t need water supply. Hydrogen and Oxygen merge at the sight of him and produce water whenever he wants.

17. All of the theories on Dinosaur Extinction are wrong. Rajnikant simply stomped his foot and they all died.

18. If Rajnikant gets into a car accident (yeah right) His car will need some airbags to protect it from him.

19. Contrary to popular belief, Rajnikant cannot fly. He just jumps and chooses when to come down.

20. Some magicans can walk on water, Rajnikant can swim through land.

21. If Rajnikant ever got caught for speeding, he’d let the cops off with a warning.

22. Rajnikant can light a fire by rubbing two ice-cubes together.

23. Rajnikant runs until the treadmill gets tired

24. Rajnikant irons his Pants with them still on.

25. Rajnikant can squeeze orange juice from a banana

26. In the back of the book of world records, it says “All records are held by Rajnikant. The ones listed are in second place.”

27. Rajnikant can tie his shoes with his feet.

28. The Great Wall of China was originally created to keep Rajnikant out. It failed miserably.

29. Basketball player: I can spin a ball on my finger for 2 hrs… can u..??

    Rajnikanth: enna rascala… How do u think the earth spins…?? :) mind it!

30. In an wild argument, rajnikant showd a middle finger to his GF…n she gt pregnant !!!

31. 1000 yrs from now……..robots will make movie named “Rajanikant”

32. Paul The Octopus was asked to predict when would Rajnikant Die …………….. R.I.P PAUL !!!!

33. Rajnikanth once entered a race he came first, second and third.

34. Rajnikanth added facebook as his friend.

35. Once Rajnikant was caught on the highway for over speeding… while walking…

36. Rajnikant once wrote his autobiography. Today that book is known as “Guiness book of world RECORDS”.

37. Once Rajnikant taught a kid how to open a door without ringing d bell. Today that child is know as CID inspector DAYA.

38. Once Rajnikant mumbled some numbers in his sleep. Those numbers are today collectively known as the “LOG TABLE.”

39. When Rajnikanth was a kid he made his mom eat her vegetables!

40. The oceans are filled with tears of Rajnikanths victims.

41. The Punjabi singer Pooja was at one time married but then Rajnikanth started to have a crush on her… and now she’s Miss Pooja.

42. The only reason ShahRukh Khan stuttered in the movie Darr is because he saw Rajnikanth behind Juhi Chawla!!

43. The movie Krrish is loosely based on Rajnikanth’s life.

44. Gandhi’s non violence movement REALLY pissed Rajnikanth off.

45. India actually didn’t have 50,000 crores for organizing the Commonwealth games… Rajnikanth gave it to them!

46. An email was sent from Pune to Mumbai … Rajnikant stopped it in Lonawala.

47. Rajnikant Bcom Accounting Answr Paper is Termed as ACCOUNTING STANDARDS

48. Once Rajnikant participated in Bike race. Don’t even try 2 guess wat happened. Rajnikant won d race on Neutral gear. Mind it anna..

49. Once Rajnikant lost his Wallet. Since then The World is Facing Recession

50. Rajnikanth once threw a coin in disgust at a black beggar, the beggar is now known as 50 Cent

Rajnikant Jokes ArticleSome facts about Rajnikant from his films:

1. Rajnikant has a Brain Tumor which, according to the doctors can’t be cured and his death is imminent. In one of the fights, our great Rajnikant is shot in the head. To everybody’s surprise, the bullet passes through his ears taking away the tumor along with it and he is cured! Long Live Rajnikant!

2. In another movie, Rajnikant is confronted with 3 gangsters. Rajnikant has a gun but unfortunately only one bullet and a knife. He throws the knife at the middle gangster & shoots the bullet towards the knife. The knife cuts the bullet into 2 pieces, which kills both the gangsters on each side of the middle gangster & the knife kills the middle one.

3. Rajnikant is chased by a gangster. Rajnikant has a revolver but no bullets in it. Rajnikant waits for the gangster to shoot. As soon as the gangster shoots, Rajnikant opens the bullet compartment of his revolver and catches the bullet. Then, he closes the bullet compartment and fires his gun. Bang… the gangster dies…

4. Rajnikant gets to know that the villain is on the other side of a very high wall. Rajnikant has to desperately kill the villain because it’s the climax. Rajnikant suddenly pulls two guns from his pockets. He throws one gun in the air and when the gun has reached above the height of the wall, he uses the second gun and shoots at the trigger of the first gun in air. The first gun fires off and the villain is dead.

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