Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Love chairs

One day God sent 2 Chairs 2 Lovers,
The Specialty of dat Chair was that;
The Person Sitting on It, if says Truth
Then Green Light would Blink
n If Person sitting on It says a Lie;
then Red Light would Blink..!

Girl sat on the Chair;
Boy Asked Her:
"Do U Love Me ??"

"Yes.., I Love U.."
(Red Light Blinks)

Don't Worry..!
There will b a Mistake done by God..!
I'll ask U again;
& then We will See what Happens..

"Do U Love Me ??"

"Yess.., I Love U..? !.

(Green Light Blinks)

-Do U know What Happened;
When d frst Time the Boy asked ??

The Gal actually was not in Love with Him;
She Lied...
But When d Boy Showed
His Lovable Trust n Faith on the Gal;
That d Gal Truly Started Loving d Boy..

Thats Love..?
It can Happen with anyone at anytime;

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